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Update the records selected through a MultiCheck field


We are trying to use for the first time the visualWorkflow to create a process,  we need to avoid the user choose between many records and then update the owner of all of these but when the update actions runs we get the next error:


interaction.dal.exception.DALExecutionFault: ; nested exception is:


Info_Demandante_APC__c WHERE (Info_Demandante_APC__c.Id LIKE '%a1VM0000000D7PQMA0;


ERROR at Row:1:Column:69

invalid operator on id field

(There was a problem executing your command.) > UPDATE


Is there anyway to do this?

Thanks in advance!


What are you trying to do? I see the multi-select checkbox field in the subject, not sure your issue. 

When using multi-select checkboxes with visual workflow, the only supported operator when using multi-select checklist when using a query is the "equals"




Thanks for the reply and sorry about my english.
I was trying to explain that we are using the multicheck field for show all the records that the user can choose to update but when we try to update the owner of all of this records (using the equal and the like operators) we get that error.
Is it posible update more than one record in this way?