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Uday KUday K 

Site URL should be Encrypted, i.e., From HTTP to HTTPS://

Hello All,


We have site for passenger registration form. When we click a button on Opportunity, the email will be sent to the passenger with link requesting to fill the form and submit the details.

Now the problem is when the passenger clicks on the link in his mail the link is getting opened without the HTTPS.

The actual link in email is like this https://secure.travel.com/VF_BookingDetails?id=a06G000000MVuO5IAL.

But when the passenger clicks on the above link its opening like this secure.travel.com/VF_BookingDetails?id=a06G000000MVuO5IAL

Its a secure page. we want it to get encrypted and also the page should open with starting HTTPS://





Is this for Force.com SItes (visualforce) or SIte.com (wysiwyg we editior)?

Uday KUday K

Hi Ryan,


This is a force.com site in which visualforce pages are used.


Can you say how we can do this.


Thanks in Advance,




Hello Uday,


Unfortunately this is a known limitation of Force.com Sites. Force.com Sites do not yet support SSL for Custom Web Domain. For SSL communications try using https://<your-domain>.secure.force.com.


There is following idea on idea exchange which is under consideration and we are hoping that it will be implemented soon in nera future release:


Uday KUday K

Hello Vintha,


Thanks for your valuable information.

I spent much time on this issue.

As you said try using https://<your-domain>.secure.force.com.

I tried in that way too like prefixing https://

Even then its showing https:// in url


Any workaround for this issue.


Thanks a lot,