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HTTPS Communication failure : handshake_Failure



Everything is running fine in Prod (hopefully), the problem is in Sandbox.


We have developped a synch between SalesForce and another (ERP) system. Things are running fine untill now.


The cutomer has created a Sandbox in order to test the synch due to a major release of the external system.


He has adapted the Remote Site in Configuration and the new URL - Login & Password in a custom object.


However, we are still receiving an error message : handshake_failure.


Is it possible that this is due to the fact that both top level URL's in Remote Site, in Prod & in Sandbox are the same : https://mail.mycustomer.be:7000 for Prod & https://mail.mycustomer.be:7005 for Sandbox ??


By using another system (VBA), with the given Sandbox URL, login & password : I receive a correct answer from external system => these are corrects.


Anyone any idea ??



Jia HuJia Hu
I got a similar error, have you figured out what happened?
Dimitri DDimitri D

No. The customer made various test with new release of his ERP application and that solves the problem. I was not involved in those tests. Sorry

Jia HuJia Hu
Thanks for your kind reply.