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S- Control

I need help in building an S-Control.  I would like to add "Contact Roles" to a Custom Object that I built.  For example, on the Opportunity page there is "Contact Roles" and when you click on "New" a list of contacts are displayed.  I would like that same functionality to on this new "Partnership" tab I created...
If anybody can provide the S-Control I'd really appreciate it.  This is all new to me.
Greg HGreg H
Couldn't you simply create a custom object that is related to Contacts and your custom object?  On this object you could add fields for contact roles and even use it in the page layout (related list) of your original custom object.  By doing this you could eliminate the need for an scontrol all together.

Hello!  I am having the same problem.  My custom object is off of the Opportunity and I need to be able to add contacts into my custom object.  I can't seem to figure out how to add that to the page layout of my custom object.  Thanks!

I improvised and ended up adding a new section on the custom object tab called 'additional contacts' and added fields like Contact #1, Contact #1 email, Contact #1 phone, etc...I hope that helps.