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How can I integrate Exacttarget as an AppExchange with Salesforce??

I would like to integrate Exacttarget with salesforce.  In the top rigth select Exacttarget has been already integrated as a new app but when I click on the tap "exacttarget" in salesforce the message is:
Your Salesforce account has not been fully enabled to use this feature within Salesforce.  Please contact your system administrator.
After I would like to be able to send auto-resonse emails using Exacttarget instead of Salesforce, is this posible?

Hi Cristina,

If you contact ExactTarget help at help@exacttarget.com, they can assist with enabling the integration for you.

You can send automated emails using ExactTarget and our Interactions platform.  You could either use a SFDC report scheduled to run daily or use SFDC workflow tied to our API for real-time triggered email.


Product Manager, ExactTarget

Thanks Darrell,

what is a SFDC workflow? Where can I find some documentation?

I read in the in the ExactTarget API Guide that I could generate a list of contacts and automatically (with a trigger) transfer and load it into the Exacttarget system using the API. The transfer will be done by an http request I suppose, using XML and I will be able like that to send a email to this list through exacttarget. However I don't know how I should create this request or even where.

Could you help me?
A Salesforce workflow is a workflow rule that can fire inside of salesforce and trigger an outbound message to an external system.  The ExactTarget XML API uses a different means of sending email - to standard ExactTarget lists versus Salesforce Reports/Campaigns.  There is a specific ExactTarget for AppExchange API that you can 'wire up' to Salesforce workflow - you can read more information on that at our developer community (you will have to sign-up for a login) -  http://developers.exacttarget.com/WEB/files/folders/salesforce/entry441.aspx
The simplest way to achieve automated emails using ExactTarget and Salesforce is to setup a series of reports in Salesforce that dynamically pull in the right leads/etc. from Salesforce and are sent to on a daily basis in ET.   Your Account Manager or help@exacttarget .com can tell you more about ExactTarget Interactions and our AppExchnage integration - have you reached out yet to them?

Hi all ,
  Can anyone bring out the difference between a regular API and an Apex API. Is that means the usage of the URL's.Please brign out the difference soon..
is that the usage of the url https://www.salesforce .com is the regular and the https://login.salesforce .com is APEX?
seeking your reply..



Do you have a revised link on the ExactTarget API integration? ET's seem to have moved pages around...