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Tab Order

Hi everybody,

I tried to find a way to order my custom tabs for my app but I can't find anything... I want a tab to show first and another one to show second, etc... Can anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance,

Goto setup | App Setup | create | apps

Edit your app

Change the tab order in the list using the arrow buttons and check the checkbox "Overwrite user's personal custom app customizations"



Will all the profile user's tab orders in that application be affected ? If yes . What is the procedure to change the tab order for selected profile ?


I submitted a case ticket to the SF Support and they showed me how to do this.
I have SF Enterprise and you can reorder the tabs this way.
Go to, Setup > Create > Apps

I wanted to change the order of the "Sales" app.
BTW, The "Sales" app is one of those in the pick list near the upper right of your screen when you first login into SF.

Click Edit to the left of the "Sales" app.
Next add or remove the tabs you want using the "Selected Tabs" and "Available Tabs" lists.
You can change the order of the "Selected Tabs" by moving them "Up" or "Down" using the buttons on the right of the "Selected Tabs" box.

Also make sure you check the box "Overwrite users' personal custom app customizations" so that the tabs adn the order shows up this way for all the users.