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XSD 2 Saleforce Custom Object

Hi I have Objects defined in XSD and i want to create an Object in salesforce. can any one suggest me an approach to do this.

Manually creating relation is tedious and error prone. i highly appreciate any inputs.

Thanks in advance.


further How should i represent 

<xs:complexType name="USPrice">
         <xs:element name="price" type="xs:decimal" nillable="true" minOccurs="1"/>

in salesforce Object. further i got data in xml.

the Research i did is to develop using JPA App with java sdk and create Entity Class along with those relations. Wanted to know is that the right solution. or any other solution we have got to parse the xml records or create Objects.


Please Suggest.

Thanks in advance.



As per my knowledge, we can create JAXB Classes from XSD and this might be the good approach to create an object




I'm still working out on few things like


Creating SalesForce Object with JAXB Classes?

Gabriel TurkadzeGabriel Turkadze

snippets@sf , what was your solution here ? Did you remember?