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Integration Salesforce with Xero using Rest API

Hi All,

     How to integrate salesforce with xero using REST API.Please send me any links and guide me.




There is no specific guide for integrating salesforce with Xoro but following is the generalized guide for  integrating salesforce with any application:




Also there are few paid Apps available on appexchange for Xoro and salesforce integration. Link: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/results?keywords=xero


Stony Grunow - BreadwinnerStony Grunow - Breadwinner

Hi Udayar


Presuming Salesforce is making the call to Xero, the REST bit is easy, the tough bit is connecting to Xero in Apex via OAuth. That's the royal PITA.


You can start with the open source OAuth code - https://github.com/jesperfj/sfdc-oauth-playground


That will get you maybe halfway there, the rest is (according to me developers) some rather frustrating trial and error.


We've done it for our app Breadwinner, which imports Xero Invoices to Salesforce as custom objects under the Opportunity. Would that solve what you are looking for?





Hi Stony,


Thank you so much for the useful information. Actually I did not have any idea about the integration before seeing your reply. Now I could say that I have some idea to do that. The original requirement is that the invoice has to be created in Xero from the Salesforce opportunities, after creating the Opportunity I need to have a button there once I click the button the particular opportunity has to be created as Invoice in Xero. Also the invoices in xero has to be created as Opportunity record in Salesforce. Both Inbound and Outbound have to performed using the integration. Please help me out in this.


Thank you for the immense help




Stony Grunow - BreadwinnerStony Grunow - Breadwinner

Hi Uday


We focused on syncing live invoice data from Xero to Salesforce because our staff were constantly asking the finance team the latest update, whereas Xero Invoice creation from Salesforce data was just a one time thing and we couldn't save them much time there.


That said, there are other existing tools that do that. I think Carry the One, and possible One SaaS, will let you do that. I believe you'll have to enable and start using Opportunity Products for one of them.





Hi Stony,

        Thanks for your reply,please share your idea about syncing live invoice data from xero to salesforce. Tell me any links and codes for this.

Stony Grunow - BreadwinnerStony Grunow - Breadwinner

Hi Udayer


Sure, that's the app we're working on - once you associate a Xero Invoice with a Salesforce Opportunity, then every hour we'd pull in the latest amounts for that invoice. So in Salesforce you can reports at the Account, Opportunity, or Invoice level to see how much money is coming in, who owes you money, who's overdue, anything like that.


You can see a one minute video of this on our website, http://breadwinnerhq.com


We're in the final stages of Salesforce Security Review and should be going live shortly.




Hi Udayar,

Did you get any luck to do to integration with Salesforce and Xero. I have similar kind of requirment. \
Can you please help me out. What need to be done.

Naudine MosimeNaudine Mosime

If you are still on the market for an integration solution, may I suggest you check out Commercient's integration app for Salesforce and Xero. (https://www.commercient.com/product/sync-integration-for-xero-and-salesforce/)