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Update Fields

With the "Professional Edition" you do not have access to the Ajax API (api_disabled_for_org). Is there any other possibility to update custome fields in an Opportunity? e.x. to look up an address from an account and past it in a custom field in the opportunity.
You can create a custom link to pull data from one field and place it in another field, so long as there is a direct parent relationship that you can refer to. For example:


Create that as a Button or Link on the opportunity object, and when the user clicks the button, it would automatically update the opportunity with the shipping street from the account. Note that you need to find the field's name, which will likely be entirely different than the one I have in my example (00N300000002aZ3). You would find the field's ID by viewing the source code of the page, or using FireFox's Web Developer addon or the DOM Viewer. This is a very limited version of what you can do in Enterprise Edition, but it does allow you to copy from certain related objects.