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Mobile SDK with other ERP System



Can Mobile SDK be the front end to any ERP system?


As all the documentation is having salesforce.com as the backend. What if my backend application is a SAP system, how would disconnected service work?






The current Salesforce Mobile SDK is designed to assist you accessing Force.com and Database.com services from your mobile app.  The built-in OAuth code is designed to make authenticating your users with these Salesforce.com services as easy as possible.  The REST code provided is designed to help you easily access Salesforce's REST API.  Finally, we provide samples for accessing Visualforce pages.



This sounds to me like it is only designed to access force.com and database.com, therefore cannot be able to use it to connect to other ERP systems


I suppose in theory you could modify the source of the Salesforce MobileSDK to access other systems. However, the MobileSDK provided by Salesforce is indeed designed to access Salesforce systems specifically. 


The complete open source to the MobileSDK is provided on github:




and as such you're free to fork it and modify to meet your needs.