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Future of "snippet" S-Controls and INCLUDE() function?

With S-Controls soon to be deprecated, we're in the process of converting all of the S-Control content in our AppExchange package to Visualforce.  The only question is what to do with "snippet" S-Controls.  In particular, we have one snippet that contains the URL of a web application that we link to.  Then, in a custom button or link, we can use the INCLUDE() function to reference the URL, e.g.



If we need to change the URL for any reason -- typically, when moving from a test/prerelease version of the external app to production, and vice-versa -- we update the Snippet and all of our links update automatically.
What's the best practice here?  Will "snippet" S-Controls and the INCLUDE() function be deprecated, or live on?  Is there a different approach?

S-Controls and the INCLUDE() function will be deprecated or will have issues , I am telling you from personal experience.

So the best approach will be to store the code which you have to reuse in a static resource and include it in the visual force page you are using.

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