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Project Management Apps

We're currently using the Project/Issue Management piece from Salesforce Labs.  This piece doesn't have the services scheduling, Time/expenses entry.  So, I began evaluating the other 2 Salesforce Labs Apps that I think relate to this project management.  They are: "Services Project Manager" and "Professional Services Automation".  However, after I installed both of them into our existing testing Salesforce developer edition, they are not linked to each other.  Now, I have 3 different project tabs and, all projects are in separate instances.  I found that they have different object names.
Can all project records from those 3 sections be merged into 1 project tab? Or, can the existing project records entered in Project/Issue Management be linked into either the Services Project Manager" or "Professional Services Automation" when creating a Resource assignment or Time/Expense Entry?
Any input is greatly appreciated!
I haven't used any of these apps, but it sounds like each of them is working on a different object.  As far as merging the objects together, you could use Data Loader to unload two of the objects, massage the data if necessary, and then reload it into the target object. 

As far as the linkage goes, the association would be fairly easy to do with a relationship field, but you would have to modify the apps to support this field.  Not knowing the apps, I can't comment on how tricky this would be.

Hope this helps.

Hi Rick,

Thank you for your reply!  I think the tircky part with Data loader is to link the "ID" to know which project belong to which account/opportunity. Also, there are so many fields involved.  I'm not sure if it's worth the time to to this.  Maybe, it's better to just re-enter the project manually.  We have less than 100 projects entered.

Also, my other concern is that I have already created some custom objects-related list attached to the current project tab folder.  I would need to bring over these records into the new project tab once the export goes thru.  Can custom object-related lists be easily transferred between objects?

Thanks again!  Lia


Lia -

Both your questions about Data Loader have to do with relationships.  You can definitely create relationships with Data Loader, using either internal IDs or what are called external keys.  This webinar discusses both of these issues - worth your time, I believe.  (But I would believe that :smileyvery-happy:)

Hope this helps.

Have you ever tired the Dreamteam application from the AppExchange?  It is a robust Gantt chart based project management solution that offers enhanced Project tracking, Calendar, Document Manager, Timesheet entry and Dashboard functionality.  I think it might be what you are looking for.

Good luck


Hi Lia,

Totally checkout DreamFactory's DreamTeam app:

DreamTeam is the leading Project Management application for Salesforce on the AppExchange, and the best solution for Project Management, Collaborative Calendaring, and Document Management in

  • Project Management - Create, update, and manage Projects, Tasks, and Resources. Visualize project status with detailed Gantt Charts and Reports
  • Document Management - Organize hierarchical Folders and versioned Documents. Launch, edit, and upload files directly from
  • Team Communication - Conduct team activities with Collaborative Calendar, Activity Alerts, and Threaded Discussions. Visualize resource utilization
  • Time & Expense - Intuitive, easy to use timesheet and expense grid enables employees to quickly enter time and expenses.
    If you have any questions, you can email me personally:
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