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Excel add-in: "Update pivot tables" doesn't work

Hi, I am using the Excel add-in to pull data into Excel, and I've got another sheet with a pivot table based on that data. When I refresh the data, even if I check the "Update pivot tables" checkbox, it doesn't update that pivot table (I have to do it manually).  Has anyone else seen something like this?
Hi Chris,
If you watch the Pivot table carefully, it seems that they are refreshing before the sfdc data is updated.  I have Excel workbooks that contain upto 15 sfdc reports and accompanying Pivot Tables.  To get around this little issue, I've created a macro that cycles through all the pivot tables in the workbook and refreshes them.  I just run the macro after the reports have refreshed. You can add a button on to your workbook and link it to your macro so you don't have to trigger the macro from the menubar.
Hope this helps.