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Problems with Xls Connector & Summer 08 release?

I could not run the xls connector since the upgrade to the summer 08 release.
I installed the latest version of the office edition too.
Somebody can help me to recover this appi?
If you're having problems logging in, make sure you're adding the security token to the end of your password.
Thanks Lori, but I have a problem with the macro, so I can´t see the login window!!
If you have another idea to solve this problem, I´ll appreciate it!!!

Thanks , Iván

I use Office 2007 and have also encounterd problems with the Connector after upgrading to the latest offline edition. I seems that a new version (3.5) of the OfficeToolkit was introduced with this update. I managed to get the connector working again by replacing all version 3 object declerations in the macro to version 3.5 and removing the missing version 3 reference in excel.