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Excel connector not bringing data from the Sandbox



I am getting connected to my sandbox to extract data from the sandbox. I was able to connect to it, But when i try to look at the objects it's showing nothing only bank window.


URL i used is



Please let me know what could be the issue as it is not populating the objects and data from sandbox.


Thanks in Advance.


rami reddyrami reddy

I am also having the same problem please any one help us


Could you push data into the sandbox?

rami reddyrami reddy

Thanks for reply.


yes i have given login credintials of  my organization  sandbox but it is not fetching any table from org. There is a lot of data in my sandbox.


Any idea please help me. 


If you are pushing data into the SB cant you use the same fields to pull the data?

Ted ChapmanTed Chapman

I believe the current rev of the excel connector doesn't work when the API URL is set above 16.0



You might want to take a look at the Excel Plug-In from RSSBus - www.rssbus.com/excel/salesforce.  I beleive that it should work for reading/writing to the sandbox.