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Incorporate changes to Salesforce iOS SDK into App

Could anyone tell me how to update the SDK archives in my hybrid app project? I have no idea how to.

I had to make changes to the following code to handle orgs that aren't on the Salesforce.com domain in SFAuthenticationManager:

+ (void)resetSessionCookie
    [self removeCookies:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"sid", nil]
            fromDomains:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@".salesforce.com", @".force.com", [SFAccountManager sharedInstance].coordinator.credentials.instanceUrl.host,nil]];
    [self addSidCookieForDomain:@".salesforce.com"];
    [self log:SFLogLevelDebug format:@"Adding SID for instance domain %@",[SFAccountManager sharedInstance].coordinator.credentials.instanceUrl.host];
    [self addSidCookieForDomain:[SFAccountManager sharedInstance].coordinator.credentials.instanceUrl.host];

The upgrade steps are documented here (https://github.com/forcedotcom/SalesforceMobileSDK-iOS/blob/master/UPGRADE.md). The best way to upgrade is to generate a new sample hybrid app, and move your app's custom changes/artifacts into the newly generated sample app.