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Vidya BhandaryVidya Bhandary 

change contact class name

Can the class name for "Contact" be changed in salesforce ? I want to extend the object definition for Contact with some custom fields ( instead of creating a custom object ) and then call Contact from Apex code.  



Unfrotunately it is not  possible to change the class names of standard objects. Can you elaborate what problem are you facing if you use standard class name or what are you trying to implement.

I am just staring out with some customization for  a new application that I am trying to implement in salesforce so wanted to extend the Contact class.

I noticed that the Name was a concatenation of First name and Last name as per documentation but it is shown grouped under "Saluation" field. How is this possible ? Can I create a field like this ?
Yes, you can create custom field. Extending standard classes(controller) is possible in apex controllers.

Refer: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/Content/pages_controller_extension.htm