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How to make my app independent from Salesforce1 mobile app

I've watched the Salesforce1 keynote video, and got that it's possible to make a salesforce mobile app independent...that is to say, not just to show an entry of my app in the menu, but to create a different button on the phone screen, and if the button is tapped, go directly to open my app.

Could someone please tell me if this is possible? If it is, how to do it?

Many thanks!
You can make an HTML, "hybrid", or native app that uses the Salesforce SDKs (or not) to communicate with Salesforce (or not). Each of those three types of apps can be saved onto the device's homescreen -- that is, on iOS at least; I'm not much of an expert on Android. See more details here: http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Native,_HTML5,_or_Hybrid:_Understanding_Your_Mobile_Application_Development_Options

That's how mobile apps have been done for years before Salesforce1 came along and will continue to be done. :)

Making a Salesforce1 "app" is really just making a visualforce page that appears only in Salesforce1. There's very little you can do in an app like that, but it's the only way to appear inside Salesforce1.
Thanks a lot... I've got what 'app' means in Salesforce1,basically It's just a VF page.
However, If I've made a HTML app, can I embed it into the S1(adding an entry to its navigation menu for my custom app)?
No. If you want it in Salesforce1, it must be a Salesforce1-enabled VF page.
Got it, your answer is very helpful:)
Thank you,Jonathan!