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Dynamically create csv data file and allow 3rd party to download via HTTP

We are trying to send/expose SFDC data as csv file to a 3rd party for processing.

The current process is -
Export data from SFDC using data loader.
FTP data to 3rd party.

The current process involves lots of manual user intervention.

I am hoping to automate this, but the 3rd party only supports FTP (we push to them) or HTTP download (they pull the file from us).

I see how I can create a csv file using APEX, but how can I expose that file for HTTP download only to one 3rd party (via IP filtering?)

Thanks, Kevin.
Hello Kevin,

What is the name of the third tool you are integrating with? Please check app exchnage if an app is already available for this.

If not then you can integrate it with bulk API if there is large amount of data is involved else you can use SOAP API to integrate. Please refer following guides for better understanding on integartion with salesforce: