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steps for upload package to appexchange

we r developed one app and we r looking to publish in AppExchange.i prepare some steps to move.
plz any one correct my steps.

i have after publish my app into Appexchange,can i add new functionalites in my APP??
how can i do that?

step 1) Register  as  Salesforce  Partner
step 2) log  a  case  for
                 a)Develope Organization(Dev-Org),here we can develop the APP
                 b)Test Organization(Test-Org),here test the developed APP
                 c)Business-Organization(sales-Org or business-org or APO),here from this org we can
                  upload to AppExchange .         
steps for Getting Dev-Org:
    a)goto https://sites.secure.force.com/partners/PP2PartnerLoginPage->enter Partner  credintials->
    In the Partner Portal->Quick Links section->Create a Test Org->Partner Developer Edition->Submit steps for Getting Test-Org:
In the Partner Portal->Quick Links section->Create a Test Org->Enterprise/Platform Edition-> Submit.
steps for Getting Business-Org:
a)In the Partner Portal->Quick Links section->Create a Case->select "oreders&Contracts" in
                    I need assistance with->select "Request isv Business Org" in Topic
                    In the Subject, enter Need ISV CRM.
                    In Description Field enter your EE-Org id and mailling adress

step 3)Develop App in Dev-Org and make managed Package with beta-version
step 4)Test the package in Test-Org by installing.
step 5)Submit for Code Scanner.         
                     Go to http://security.force.com/sourcescanner
                     Provide username of the  Dev-Org
                     Select All Rules for Scanner Type

step 6) Publishing  App  into  AppExchange:
          logged into your business org->In the upper right corner->Add AppExchange Apps
          In the upper right corner, click Login or Register.
          On the login page, use your username and password for your business org.
          Click the Publishing tab.
          Click Your Provider Profile.
          Fill out the information in the Provider Profile and then click Save.
Goto Dev-Org->package->upload Managed-release->click on AppExchange->this time login as   Bussiness-org credintials->
          Click Link New Organization.
          You'll be prompted for your username and password. Enter the values for your dev org.
          Click the Publishing tab.
          Click Create New Listing.
          In the popup, enter a Listing Title,
          Select the radio button for App and then click Submit.
          Fill in the required fields on the Basic Information page.
          Click Save.
          There are other tabs across the top: Offering, Overview, Specs, Support, Uploaded Content,
          and Leads.
          You need to fill in the required fields on these tabs before your listing is complete

Step 7) Install the LMA:
           Install the LMA in Business-Org(APO).
           To install the LMA,you will need to file a case in the Partner Portal. Once your case is resolved,
           install the LMA into your business organization.

      connect your app to the License Management App (LMA) in your business org
            a) Click the Publishing tab.
            b) Next to the package you uploaded, click Manage Licenses.
            C ) Click Register.
            d) Click Assign (One-Time Only).
            e) Enter the login credentials of your business org and click Submit.
            f) Click Save.
                 It may take up to 30 minutes before your app is connected to the LMA.

step 8)Submit to Security Review
         you need to go to your private listing ->Offering tab.
         In the "Your Uploaded Packages" section, select the latest version of your app in the dropdown
         and click the "Start Review" link in the packages table.
         Only Managed-Released packages show up in the dropdown.
         It takes 6-8 weeks to gather and submit test result, pay the $300 fee.

Please refer below guide :


Also refer: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/packagingGuide/Content/packaging_upload_beta.htm