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Arun KArun K 

showing value in apex:pieseries


I am looking to show the value in donut and not when I hover.At present when I hover I could see it.User-added image

how to do it.?
Hi Arun, 

Looks like it has been defined to display ONMOUSEOVER javascript function, 

Try this , 

<!-- Page: -->
    <apex:chart data="{!pieData}" height="300" width="400">
        <apex:pieSeries labelField="name" dataField="data1"/>

donut Integer An integer representing the radius of the hole to place in the center of the pie chart, as a percentage of the radius of the pie. If no value is specified, 0 is used, which creates a normal pie chart, with no hole.


<apex:chart data="{!pieData}" height="400" width="500" background="#F5F5F5">
    <apex:legend position="left"/>
    <apex:pieSeries labelField="name" dataField="data1" donut="50">
        <apex:chartLabel display="middle" orientation="vertical"
            font="bold 18px Helvetica"/>