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how to send Monitor -> System Overview for mail periodically without execute login

how i can realize a report that send periodically a mail with Monitor -> System Overview of my org without execute login? How i can count
  • custom object,
  • Custom Settings
  • Data Storage
  • API Requests, Last 24 Hours
  • Rules
  • Apex Triggers
  • Apex Classes
  • Most Used Licenses
  • Custom Apps
  • Active Force.com Sites
  • Active Flows
  • Custom Tabs
  • Visualforce Pages

of my org?


You can create an apex class and query count of each of above mentioned things:

query ex: Select count from ApexTrigger //gives count of apex triggers in your org

Select count from ApexClass

Select count from ApexPage and send out these details trough email.

Hi, thanks for your rensponse, but with query i can't obtain
- Data Storage
- # API Requests, Last 24 Hours
- # Rules
- # custom object
and i can't obtain max limit for each data type to calculate the difference with the actual used.
Can you help me?


You can not query these details but can only check through setup. Setup > Company Profile > Company Information