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Campaign Members check-in, edit, add, create visualforce page

I am looking for a visualforce page solution that would allow me to do a few things on one visualforce page:

1) show campaign members currently signed up for any campaign I specify
2) allow me, on that same page, to add campaign members quickly by simply entering their info into fields
3) allow me to create contacts when they do not exist and then do #2
4) through another app or other solution (I'm looking at EZsign), add an electronic signature field

I would want this page to be easily viewable on an iPad. I have already looked at EchoSign and DocuSign and having info that flows directly into the Campaign Member object appears to be problematic. I also need to come up with a cost effective solution.  Also, I have searched in the Code Cookbook and came up empty handed. 

One use case (the main use case) is for events in which campaign members plant trees. They need to be able to sign in OR be very quickly added as a contact (if not in Salesforce) and campaign member and then sign in. We need the signature field because they need to give us the OK to take their picture and understand that they must report any injuries received to a staff member immediately. The form needs to be very easy to quickly complete because people will be showing up to volunteer within limited time and we cannot spend too much time just signing them in.

How can I create this? Does anyone have similar code examples? I hope someone can help and look forward to your responses.
1. Start with a visualforce
2. Create a lookup field on visualforce to display all campaigns. How to create Lookup field on visualforce (https://developer.salesforce.com/forums?id=906F000000094YKIAY)
3. Display the list of campaign memebers for the selected campaign on the above lookup field (http://iwritecrappycode.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/simple-list-editor-visualforce-page/)
4. Also consider using a wrapper class to select few campaign members or all (http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Wrapper_Class)

Hope the above information helps you to start with.
Many thanks, Ramu. I will review your instructions.
Amal DominicAmal Dominic
I have come across a nice workflow and a document management tool, it is called Ultra Documents. It is very simple and easy to use; you can get setup and start a workflow in minutes. Ultra Documents comes with Document Management, document merging, Workflow process, Custom Forms, Electronic signature & various applications, the nice thing is it has a free version with all features available to you. Give it a try.