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Partial Sandbox records copy logic

Hi all,

We have a lot of data in our Org and I wanted to get started using a Partial Sandbox. The limitation of a partial sandbox is 10,000 records per object and 5GB max. One of our object has over 250,000 records. I would like to know how Salesforce selects the 10,000 records from the 250,000 records to copy to the sandbox. I looked at the data in my Sandbox and it does not seem to be related on the Created Date nor the Modified Date of the original records.

Anyone knows?


Hi Hugo,

While copying data into a Partial Data Sandbox, automatic queries will be created for your template internally and upto 10,000 records per Object Type will be retrieved. The Sample, which is the result of these automatic queries, will be “Random”, but they will “mostly” bring data in the order it was created. Please also note, there is no current method to specify data to be included.

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