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Dane KimDane Kim 

Custom object tab list fields do not link to object detail

Hey guys,

I have created a custom object and respective tab. When I go to the tab and create a list of the objects, only the object ID can be clicked to link to the detial of that object.

For example, with a standard object (say Lead), I can pull a leads list, then click on any of the fields (first name, last name, company, etc...) to link to the record detail. For this custom object/tab, I don't seem to have that behavior. Is there any way to force such a behavior?

Thanks in advance!!!!!

Daniel ShaheenDaniel Shaheen

By default the Name field of any object should take you to the object deatils/page layout.
If you need anything other than the name field, you need to vuild a custom visual force page.

Agree with Daniel,
By default the Name field shows up a link to object detail page.
One alternative implementation would be to have few formula fields of type text (and using hyperlink function) and reference self.
Dane KimDane Kim
Thanks everyone! I was mainly confused as the only documentation I found was that the list view on custom tabs should behave the way it does for standard objects, which in this case isn't true. It's not a hinderance to workflow as the Name field does indeed still link.