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Help to Consume WADL file

Hello All,
Has anyone used the WADL file into salesforce. I have got WADL file from another Application Team. When i import this sfile into Salesforce it errors out.
Just looking for a way to consume WADL in salesforce if anyone can help?
NehalNehal (Salesforce Developers) 

Could you please elaborate on what integration are you performing. Is it using SOAP API or REST API?

Also could you confirm if it is WADL or WSDL and is it of 3rd party?

Team WorksTeam Works
Hi Nehal,
Thanks for responding.
The integration is : example when i create an Account in Salesforce or convert a lead to Account --> An Account should also be created in another system(built in Java). They have exposed an WS URL for salesforce to integrate, and its WADL. Its a REST API. I need to use that to send Account from Salesforce..
If you want i will send you the WADL exposed. How can i use it in salesforce?

They have also supplied me with some XML files meaning i can also use the XML Streamer to send the account to that system. In that case what setup i will need apart from Remote sit setting?

Many Thanks
Team WorksTeam Works
Hi All,

It appears that there is no way to read the WADL in Salesforce. But the how we can do this one :

As soon as a new account is created in Salesforce i want to create it also in external application(Built in Jave). They only work with Restful webservices to integrate. How can i proceed to build this. Please help.

Many Thanks
Team WorksTeam Works
Nehal, I am bit surprised there is no one with the answers. OR i have posted the question at a wrong place..? Comeon !!
SaleemBaba Mohammed 7SaleemBaba Mohammed 7
Hi @Team Works and @Nehal,

Any luck on WADL, it's a burning issue for me now. My client has provided WADL file but didn't know how to consume/import in salesforce. I gone through so many blogs and sites but no luck, If you know or have any idea then please let me,

Many Thanks,
SaleemBaba Mohammed