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Matthijs van HentenMatthijs van Henten 

Getting started (developing)


I'm currently stuck on how to approach this: I'm building a basic customer service representative QA system ( email comes in, question gets answered, etc. ).
We also have a custom built system we don't want to part with yet, that is needed for the agent to gather information he needs to solve the case.

We want our own system to be integrated in a SF "tab" so the agent needs only to login to one system at the time.
We are thinking of simply opening an iframe to our system, so we don't have to rebuild all of it. So my question:

- How do I start with one simple application, where I can add a couple of test users and credentials, so I can start working on the Oauth2 docs?
- Will the oauth2 access token expire when the agent logs out of salesforce? Is there any way of checking wether the user has logged out?
( since our app is accessed trough an iframe, we must deauthenticate the agent, since he/she will be working on shared resources )

Most of all, I seem to miss out on something good. I am having trouble on finding simple straight forward documentation on any of this, while there seems to be an overwhelming amount of stuff I really have no use for, but these basic questions remain unanswered after a mornings' binge on documentation. We will have someone come in who knows how to build an SF ui in a month, but we need to work on developing the stuff on our side in the meanwhile.

Any pointers much appreciated!


As what I've gathered about SF so far, it shouldn't be yak shaving. Clearly I'm approaching this from the wrong angle.
Any pointers much appreciated :)

Access token is a part of standard OAuth flow. It allows to do operation on behalf of user which authorize a connected app or other apps according to permission defined. A time specific token work on behalf of user. It get expire after a period of time. Default is 3600 seconds. In case of Salesforce it is obtained according to OAuth 2.0 specifications. Unlike sessionid, accesstoken expires after a fixed time period.

For examples please refer following link: