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Chad KovacChad Kovac 

How can I reduce API calls being made?

My org has 16 licenses and only about 7 actually active users.
Those active users are salesmen in the field using Salesforce1 and Outlook integration.
I am constantly on the high end of API calls personally with the rest falling to the salesmen.
My org is constantly at 85-95% of the allowable API calls.

How can we reduce this?
We use the Salesforce for Outlook application and some of us use Chatter for Desktop.

It seems unusual that my org is constantly up against the API limit when there are so many other orgs out there using Salesforce and I don't see a lot in the way of complaints from them so we have to be doing something wrong.

Hi Chad,

I have also come across this issue recently with users using Salesforce for Outlook side panel..can you confirm if your users are using the Side Panel which comes with the Outlook Integration coz if they are, this would make sense as there is some issue around spike in the API when using Side Panel.
Chad KovacChad Kovac
Yes, they're using the one they download and install directly from their Salesforce account page.

Why would Salesforce offer a product that seemingly maximizes it's negative impact on API calls? Seems like we shouldn't have to "pay" API at all when using a Salesforce product in Salesforce.  
I understand it completely Chad, could you please raise a case with our Support team giving the description and the link to this thread and provide me with the case # - I will followup and help you resolve this issue.
Chad KovacChad Kovac
Thank you Sonam.  Case # 10625844
Thanks for the swift response Chad, looks like the fix is on its way - we will keep you updated on the case comments.
Chad KovacChad Kovac
Yeah the "fix" was for us to write some kind of API handler and batch our data into an external database to search against then figure out how to get that information back into Salesforce or something.  Way more complicated than we'd expected and quite frankly, very disappointing that we have to do something like that at all in order to use Salesforce products ON the Salesforce platform.

Very frustrated.
I guess we are going to have to throw money at the problem either with a hack to accommodate the API problem or to purchase more API calls.

I do appreciate you taking your time to follow up on this issue.  Thank you!
Chad KovacChad Kovac
So after we purchased additional API calls, I learned there was a known bug with the Salesforce Outlook application.  Good one Salesforce.  How many people panicked and bought more API calls?