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Ines CostaInes Costa 

Force.com IDE / save warning / Force.com save problem / Associate metadata or source file failed to save


I'm using the Force.com IDE version 28.0 and since last Thursday  (19th of June 2014) I started getting Save warnings whenever I try to save/compile any change to classes/pages/triggers and in the package.xml.

Save warning:  package.xml /DEV Environment/src line 0 Force.com save problem
Save warning: Associate metadata or source file failed to save.  File only saved locally, not to Salesforce. CountryProfileTester.cls-meta.xml /DEV Environment/src/classes line 1 Force.com save problem
The classes/files are still being saved to the server but I get save AND Deploy Warnings.
I've tried cleaning the registry and changing the workspace and nothing. I've also tried through the Developer Console.

Is there any workaround available?

Many thanks in advance,
Roger WickiRoger Wicki
I have the very same problem with the Force.com IDE version 30.0 since my sandbox cs7 was upgraded to the summer '14 preview.
This will be there until we got the force.com plugin version 31. Some sandboxes got updated to summer 14 but we didnot get the force.com plugin update for the same. So there will be some metadata warnings.  Hope this make sense.  
praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan
Hi Ines,

I have faced the same..

To avoid this you need Uninstaill you eclipse and java then reintsall the wth new s/w you will not get.

hope this will help you.

Me too.