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Mauricio OliveiraMauricio Oliveira 

What exactly does Start Sync button do?

Hi there,

I couldn't find documentation about this button anywhere, does anyone know where to find it? I want to know exactly which operations it does, so I can reproduce its exact behavior in tests.

Best regards.
Shri RajShri Raj
Mauricio OliveiraMauricio Oliveira
Thank you for your time, but that doesn't help me at all. What I need to know is how exactly to reproduce that behavior in a test. Simply doing this seems to be missing something:

opportunity.SyncedQuoteId = quote.Id;
update opportunity;

I have a test for a trigger that does not work by doing that, but it works if a also make an "update quote" call before updating the Opportunity. This seems to be more consistent with the Start Sync button behavior since my trigger do work if I do the same operations on Salesforce interface instead of a test.

My question is: how to reproduce within a test the exact commands the Start Sync button executes?