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Chris VogeChris Voge 

Service Cloud - Limiting the number of open primary tabs


In the service console, is there a way to limit the number
of open primary tabs?

I have some javascript cooked up that seems to resolve
this issue until I refresh the browser. I need a way to, somehow,
persist/cache the number of open primary tabs between a
browser refresh. 

Been also looking into javascript remoting.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

you could solve thhis a couple of ways:

1: use a cookie to write your tabs-open to the client side browser. Old school but works.
2: you could vf-remote into salesforce a list of open tabs. Once you've done that, you can on reload close all tabs that are not in that list. You'll want to peruse the js hooks for leaving a webpage to make sure that you're saving the current tab list