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Bill FoxBill Fox 

search name field in flow not matching

In Flow Designer I performed a record lookup exact match for "75 Dennis Street Attleboro MA 02703 Apartment 7" in the Stand Lookup "Name" and there is no match.  If I change search to Starts With" and use "75" I then find the record.  Is there an issue with spaces in finding an exact match?
Hi Bill,

Please see if this is relevant to you: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?urlname=Why-does-Contact-Lead-or-User-lookup-search-results-not-include-records-that-have-spaces-in-the-First-Name-or-Last-Name-field&language=en_US

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Bill FoxBill Fox
I actuall was able to search without the quotes in the search bar and found the string.  However, in lhe flow designer record lookup it does not find either:
"75 Dennis Street Attleboro MA 02703 Apartment 7"  or
75 Dennis Street Attleboro MA 02703 Apartment 7   it only finds if searching for: