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Bill FoxBill Fox 

update a contact name field

I have a field that is checked if the contact record uses a "Nick Name" or a "First Name" which I concatinate in "Full Name" field.  Then I want to use a flow to update the "Name" field in a Contact.  The drop down for the fields does not show "Name".  How can I update the name field with a flow? 
While I have no direct answer to how to do this in a flow, have you considered a workflow rule and field update action?
Vidhyasagaran MuralidharanVidhyasagaran Muralidharan
Go for triggers.Like use before insert trigger and use a loop to check if checkbox is true.If so,update full name in the namefield .Since you specified the name field is dropdown use "dropdownfieldname.add(new selectoption(name,name))"

This will work i guess