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Mark RootMark Root 

Setting up a tour of new features/fields that have been added to SF

Anyone know how I could set up a little tour of new features or fields that have been added to a SF org so users could be notified, similar to what SF does for us with their new features?  We could code something in VF to handle it but we'd need a way of knowing whether or not the user had visited that area of the site already.
I've seen great sucess with http://www.walkme.com/ walk me, but you'll have to create your own feature walk throughs. 
Mark RootMark Root
Thanks, Kevin.  Great suggestion for a solution.  I'm still curious as to how SF does it for their own updates, though.  Seems to me that they could extend the functionality to us developers so that we, too, could educate our users on the new features we create.