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Mobile Page Layouts (Tab-Key Order Issue)

Is this still an issue?
I have a two column section on an Account Page Layout, which, on the laptop, has a “Tab-Key order” of Top-Down – which looks like:

Column 1 | Column 2
Email 1     | Phone 1
Email 2     | Phone 2
Email 3     | Phone 3

However, on the phone, that equates to the following, regardless of whether I chose a “tab key order” of Top-Down or Left-Right:

Email 1
Phone 1
Email 2
Phone 2
Email 3
Phone 3

But what I want is:

Email 1
Email 2
Email 3
Phone 1
Phone 2
Phone 3

Is there any way of preserving the laptop page layout format, and also having it appear as I want in the mobile?
i think this is the KNOWN ISSUE

Salesforce1 not respecting tab-key order on page layout when set to Top-down (displaying as left to right)


Last updated 6 days ago ·Reference W-1961942 ·Reported By 12 users

In Review


This is not an issue new with Salesforce1 mobile UI. Users may have noticed this behavior previously on the SF Touch application. Users may also notice fields shifting within the normal page layout column format due to various browsers dependent on the resizing. There is currently no code to prevent this UI behavior.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Set Tab order of few page layout sections to top down .
2. Set Tab order for other sections to be left right.
3. Goto Touch app edit screen
4. Use the Previous and next buttons

Result: Notice that the tab order is always left right and never respects the top down order.

There is no real work around for this behavior currently other than to understand that left-right tab order is the only supported page layout behavior.

This is a known issue within out Mobile Dev teams but there has been no assigned release date for correction.

REF :https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p30000000T23XAAS