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Bill FoxBill Fox 

flow designer concatenate 2 fields

In flow design pilot I need to concatenate a Custom City, Custom State Custom Zip and Custom County into a custom field.  It would be formula like:
City__c & ", " & State__c & " " &  Zip_Code__c & " " &   County__c
Karen JoyKaren Joy
Use the formula resource as follows:

Click on Resources, then double click on Formula to open the formula dialog box.

Name your formula, then using the Selected resources box, locate your fields and enter them in the work area.  It will look something like:

Now position your curser between each field and insert the concatenation elements.  Your final result will look something like:
{!City__c} & ", " & {!State__c} & " " & {!Zip_Code__c} & " " & {!County__c}

Finally, use the Assignment palette to assign a variable you have created to hold the end result to this formula.

'Hope this helps!
Lisa Kitto 7Lisa Kitto 7
This worked well. Thanks.
Thanks @Karen Joy.
I am writing my first Flow. Your answer helped in reducing my time to complete the flow.