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Evan BurnsEvan Burns 

APEX extended controller

I have a controller extension that I built that's used in a VF page. My neophyte question is: do I have to test that APEX class (not just compile) before the VF page can see the class?



Evan BurnsEvan Burns
The APEX and VF page I'm working on are both in a sandbox. Does that make a difference in the VF being able to see that APEX controller class?
Nopes,you need Test class only when you plan to deploy the Apex class to production.

Your VF page can see it without that too.

Hope this helps !!
Evan BurnsEvan Burns
Thanks! But I have other problems now since I know that my VF isn't picking up the correctly compiling controller extension. And I don't have an explanation for that. I will post APEX controller and VF tomorrow.
Sameer PrasonnSameer Prasonn
Hi Evan,

I think you are worried about the test class. Well Test class is an important aspect of writing correct code which actully test the functionality by attempting to execute your code with dummy input data.

Yes, we do required test class for deployment, however if we are using developer account then we can test the VF and Apex code with out it.

It is must when we are deploying the code from sandbox to production orgs.

Hope this resolve your query.