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Deploying static resources zip file using ANT to Salesforce


Im very new to use ANT migration tool.

Here i want to upload static resources "ZIP File" to Salesforce using ANT.
This ZIP File contains CSS style sheets.
I have followed all steps to upload it in salesforce. Everything was done successfully with out any errors. But when im trying to use the ZIP File in VF page, im not getting the exact page as i expected.

But when i uploaded it directly in Static resources in salesforce. Im getting the proper page.

Why it is coming when uploaded directly in salesforce and why it is not coming when using ANT?
Please help me. I want to deploy static resources using ANT.

Can you please provide the build.xml and the package.xml you are using to deploy the static resource?

After you deploy the resource zip file, can you download it via the web interface and inspect it's contents?  Is it the same file (run something like md5sum against it)