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Want to copy a field value from a child object after Account merge

Well,I have Account standard object and a custom object XYZ__c which is master detail from Account .
Say , Account A1 has xx1 child record and A2 has xx2 .When I merge A1 and A2 (A1 is the masterrecord),I want to copy certain field value from xx2 to xx1 .

Can someone suggest me how to achieve this functionality ?
Thanks in advance !
Sai Ram ASai Ram A
You have to Buid Custom Solution for Merging Accounts and its Associated Contacts. Make sure these contacts are not associated more than 1 Account.


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Its not about a contact,its about a custom object where there is no merge functionality available.More I just want to copy field values from loser child record to winner child record .Give me a piece of code/apex trigger.

Thanks !