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Mikhail IvanovMikhail Ivanov 

I got an error 'Error: Request Entity Too Large: head' when I had tried to load some of my Visualforce pages

I tried to look into debug logs but I didn't get any of debug logs records for those VF pages. But for other VF page I can get debug logs.

Also if I clean cookies in browser then for a short run I can open those problem VF pages without errors. But after I get the error once again.

How to fix the error without cleaning cookies.
I am not sure but I am guessing that there are lots of JS libraries you are trying to load in your Visualforce pages <head>  causing the issue. Can you try and move some of them to <body>. 

Or can you provide more info of what you are doing in your VF pages?
Mikhail IvanovMikhail Ivanov
logontokartik, thank you for your answer. But it was not helpful.

It seems like the issue is because we are trying to store a lot of cookies in our Salesforce instance. When we cleanup the cookies then it is working fine before we fill cookies once again.
Mike LeveillerMike Leveiller

I just received the same error when using Firefox 33.1

I logged in using IE and I was able to get to the page in question. Thinking it may have been a bad cookie or something with FireFox, I cleared the cache and tried again, Still same error.

I'm looking in Google to see if there are any other dicussions about this.