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Right Approach for below requirements

Please help in finding the right approach.

Current Scenario, i have a mysql database which i wanted to move all the data and users to Salesforce.. here are the table details

Client Table  . Each client will be assigned one or more department like software, QA,PHP etc.  Many custom fields

Admin users table : Main admin with acess to all cleint.. Some users will be assigned more or one department and accordingly he will have acess to respective clients.

Client_department table : in this we have to collect more information department wise which will be linked with client id from clients table

Cleint_department_xref table : in this we have to collect information department wise which can occur more than once for each cleint id.

Cases table : in this we want to create ticket or cases each client wise

All tables have custom fields . so need to know what is the best approach to setup database and respective forms in salesforce.

Do we have to use default sobject or do we have to create custom object or a combination of  both.
Not sure where to start
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Rajendra ORajendra O
  1. Client Table should be mapped to Account standard object of salesforce.
  2. We can skip Admin user table from direct import, instead Admin user table should be imported as User standard object of saleforce. We can create
  3. To import Client department table and Client department xref tables, we will need to create custom objects in salesforce. This will involve two objects i.e one will act as master entry for department and another will establish relationship between account/client and department
  4. Case table should be mapped to case standard object of salesforce. Relationship to case table vs client table will be converted to case vs account object.

You will found most of the custom fields in salesforce out of box but we can create almost all type fields in salesforce, regrdless of standard object or custom object. The main issue you will face is access to client based on department (admin user table details), for that there could be two approches:-
  1. Create a public group fo each account and add admin user accordingly but this defeat the purpose of having details relationship based on department and client.
  2. So we could use a bit of Apex here and create few triggers which can keep looking for changes in User/department relation ship and share account/client with admin/user records.

Hope this could give you initial idea about possible approach.