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how to modify text field when a checknbox is true ?

An Account has  few checkbox fields. When these fields checked Then the contact record Text box field should update with some values. Is this possible with Formulae or else trigger.

Ex: Account fields     AiroSteel , BeuroCost , DuerTest , AspiriCraft are check box fields..

Contact has a Checkbox field. AVailable Prod  should be updates based on Checkbox to true.

IF Acct_’AiroSteel’ = TRUE, {AS}
IF Acct_’BeuroCost’ = TRUE, {BC}
IF Acct_’DuerTest’ = TRUE, {DT}
IF Acct_’AspiriCraft’ = TRUE, {AC}
Prafull G.Prafull G.
You can create a cross object formula on Contact to update field based on checkbox values on account. However this will make your fields on Contact read only (as it is formula field).

If you want the text box fields on Contact editable, then you have to go with trigger on Account object. This trigger should check all related contacts of an Account and then update the text box values accordingly.
You could use a cross-object formula field instead of straight checkbox field on the contact object. Downside depending on your requirements - is formula field value cannot be maintained at all on the contact object as formula fields are read only. You will at least know the two are same.

Formula would look like this

If  Airosteel,Beurocast  checkboxes are True Then text field should be  AS,BC . Or if  Airosteel,Beurocast,DuerTest are True  Then field should be AS,BC,DT or if  Airosteel,Beurocast,DuerTest,AspiriCraft  Then field should update with  AS,BC,DT,AC...

like that  if  it is   Beurocast,DuerTest   Then field should update with  BC,DT  etc etc etc and vice versa with other fields ....it should be display  the values  if multiple checkboxes To True.