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Scott VandenElzenScott VandenElzen 

.NET get piclist values

I need to get the list of piclist values for a salesforce field inside my c# application.

I'd be happy to use the rest api, the .NET api and client.DesribeAsync method, or anything else.

I'd appreciate any help to point me in the right direction.

Shri RajShri Raj
Hello Scott. 

You are planning to integrate with Salesforce to access the data in whichever objects. Yes you can surely do it with REST Api. Is you .Net application inside a network? Is it publically accessible? Is there a company firewall which would not allow Salesforce result? 

Try using the REST API. Which is easy. 
Try and understand the concept. Everything will fall in place automatically. Goodluck! 
Scott VandenElzenScott VandenElzen
I understand how to consume the rest api - If i pull down /services/data/v29.0/sobjects/Case/describe - I get a massive JSON object and I don't want to create classes for all of that just to get a list valid piclist values if there is a more efficient way.

What I really need is /services/data/v29.0/sobjects/Case/fields/Product_Group__c/picklistValues/describe  but you can't grab just that part via the rest api.

Does anyone have an idea of how to pull piclist values via REST or the .NET api ?