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Rakesh RoyRakesh Roy 

How to get client_id, client secret, and security token?

Hello Experts,
I have registered my app. Could you please help in letting me know how to get:
1. client_id,
2. client secret, and
3. security token

I am trying to implement Oauth pragramatically so that I can use REST API.

Could you please help.

You can get the client Id and Client Secret from the UI and you need to hard code them into your application either as config setting or some constant that can be easily changed. 

If you navigate to Create --> Apps --> you can see connected apps, click on it and you can see consumer key and consumer secret. 

User-added image

For the security token you can get the token via email when you go to my settings --> personal --> reset my securitty token. 

RIyas BasheerRIyas Basheer
It may help you  http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api_rest/api_rest.pdf
Rakesh RoyRakesh Roy
@logontokartik : I got my security token by following the steps suggested by you. Many Thanks! I am still not able to see my consumer key and consumer secret.
 You could find consumer key,consumer secret at path specified by logontokartik i.e Build->Create->Apps->Connected Apps

I could see them at above path.Pls find Screen shot.

User-added image

SSE , Salesforce CI expert group
tara gurungtara gurung
i want to do some testing with salesforce api but I cannot find clientID and secret keys  in my connectedapps section. I am just using a free trail version. Is it not possible from the free version ? Why is it not showing anything
prince babyprince baby
Can somebody answer this query clearly. Because i find salesforce UI is complicated enough not to give out these information for some unknown reason. I might've explored the whole application i can't find it either. 
Nelson JoeNelson Joe

There is nowhere to navigate Create --> Apps, not in Lightning or Classic.

Exhausted plausible locations. You need a page with this information on, and to reference it in your documentation

Nelson JoeNelson Joe
Oo, solution found: http://stackoverflow.com/a/29112224/849697
farukh sk hdfarukh sk hd

This  will help you for sure.Here rest api integration is performed by taking example of two salesforce system.

Muhammad Aqeel 6Muhammad Aqeel 6
Consumer key and consumer secret (previously client_id and client secret) can be found for connected apps whose Enable OAuth Settings checkbox is checked. 
Andrew HayterAndrew Hayter
Login to Sales Force with the ID you wish to work with, then:

(You may need to change the URL after Https to be your Sales Force domain)

Reset Security Token:

View Consumer Key and Secret

View login attempts
Noah GaryNoah Gary
@nelson thanks for the link! Something this intregal to salesforce's functionality should be more easily found.
Kumar Ankit 5Kumar Ankit 5
In the Lightning Experience-> Go to Setup -> Search App-> Go To App Manager -> Locate Your connected app and Click on the "down" arrow on right side of the listed app.-> Select View
The Consumer key and Consumer Secret will be present on the screen.Consumer key-secret SF
Jonathan Meltzer 8Jonathan Meltzer 8
Kumar, that is perfect - exactly what is needed to answer this question.
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Thomas Birke 27Thomas Birke 27
They added a little extra step so now the flow is this:

1.) go to Setup > PLATFORM TOOLS > Apps > App Manager
2.) find your connected app
3.) click the little twistie at the end of the line and chose "view"
User-added image
4.) under "API (Enable OAuth Settings)" find the button that says "Manage Consumer Details"
User-added image
5.) click, authenticate and find your key and secret