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Site.com domain problems


We had a site.com site who's URL was oursite.com. The BL wanted www.oursite.com as well which was not working (refirecting to the SF site).
Under the domains section of our org, we had a domain oursite.com. We modifed it to www.oursite.com and it saved without any errors. A few days later we noticed that www.oursite.com started working but now oursite.com was not. It was being redirected to the salesforce.com site.

When we try to change the domain back to oursite.com or try to create a new domain called oursite.com we get the follwoing error:

Salesforce.com can't validate the domain. The CNAME record may still be processing (which can take up to 24 hours), or the domain may not belong to you. Make sure the domain name oursite.com uses oursite.com.[ORG ID].live.siteforce.com as its CNAME target and try again later. It presently uses oursite.com.live.siteforce.com as the CNAME target, which does not equal the expected value.

We changed the CNAME of the domain oursite.com to the value salesforce was asking for in the error. But it still throws the same error. SF support has been working on it but have not found a solution yet. Any help would be highly appreciated.