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U JayU Jay 

Email notification : 1 month before : to all billing email : in opportunity that satisfy condition

In my opportinity database , passport expiration month and year. I have to send email to all opportunity billing emails, whose expiration month and year is just 1 month (ie send email today if expiration month is (10: october and year is 2014)). What is a better way to do it?
Any step by step procedure?
Thanks in advance.
Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team
Hi U jay,

The best way to send Email-notification before 1 month is to use time-Dependent workflow.

To add a time-dependent workflow action, click Add Time Trigger in the Time-Dependent Workflow Actions section and:
-->Specify a number of days or hours before or after a date relevant to the record, such as the date the record was created or modified. If the workflow rule is in effect when this time occurs, the time trigger fires the workflow action.
-->Click Save.

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