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visual workflow help needed


I am having a following scenario for which i need help on it,

I am having a visualforce workflow , where i have certain questions to be filled by the user ( like a survey) after entering all the questions when user clicks on next the thank you screen appears

my requirement is i want to populate all the questions entered in the previous page in the last  final page as a read only mode.

can i achieve it by flow itself ( if yes how can i do it)

Kindly help me on this regard

Thanks in Advance

Yes you can do this.
In the last screen, the thank you screen, just add a "display text" component. (or use the one you already have)
Then, you can use any of the variables from your previous screens like this. (imagin that "testtt" was a field entered in a previous screen)

So you reference the variables like this : {!name_of_variable}

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