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Shri RajShri Raj 

Salesforce Integration with Elasticsearch. Authentication using Ping Identity

Hello All.

 Here is the challenge which i need to implement and looking for a solution approach. 

I need to implement a custom VF Page Search Functionality inside Salesforce. The Data is inside Elastic Search which is a open source Search & Analytic engine. The Elastic Search is inside our Company's network. I have the API to access using JSON & I'm able to do it using a REST based tool. 

Now, Since Salesforce is outside our Company's network i need to authenticate using Ping Identity & then access Elastic Search API. 

I'm really not sure about how this authentication works since the first call will be from Salesforce everytime. Can someone please help. I'm unsure if this will be using SSL or OAuth etc.



Stuart ChamberlainStuart Chamberlain
Hi Shri

I have a similair challenge, were you able to overcome the problem?
Neeharika PolisettiNeeharika Polisetti

Hi All,

I have a requirement, where I have to integrate elastic search with Salesforce, using JSON. Could you please provide some pointers on how to go about it. 
Thanks in advance.


Mohammad TinawiMohammad Tinawi
@Shri Raj, you can use a very simple and easy tool like apigee.com that manages your api endpoints, connect it to elasticsearch and use it on salesforce
Hi, could you please provide information on how to integrate salesforce with elasticsearch.