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Alejandro García RuizAlejandro García Ruiz 

VPN to access a WebService stored in a Private Network

Hi everybody,

I need to define a Web Service in Apex in order to connect Salesforce with an external system that is allocated in a private network. This system has been working for years and our client has suggested us to be as less intrusive as possible. Their suggestion is provide us with a VPN in order to access to its webservice endpoint.

I've been looking for Salesforce documentation regarding VPN connection and I haven't found anything at all. All I have found regarding this topic is a post in a forum where they said that it's not possible to define a VPN connection in Salesforce.

Does anybody knows how to define this process? If it is not possible, anybody knows an alternative different from (a) transform the private Web Service into a public one or (b) define a public intermediate layer?

Thank you very much for your help,
Alejandro García RuizAlejandro García Ruiz

 Hi everybody,

In order to help everybody who came here in the future searching for a solution for the same issue. I can answer myself now saying that IT'S NOT POSSIBLE to define a VPN connection with Salesforce by definition.

So, the best way to resolve this problem is convince your customers of the needs of your system and migrate their webservice to a public server. Other solution could be add an additional layer to your defined architecture that will be responsible of the integration storing the webservices and being capable of connect with SFDC because it need to be at the internet.

Kind regards Everybody,
Alejandro García Ruiz

Davide MolinariDavide Molinari
Thank you Alejandro.
Do you know if there are some news about this topic?
Suraj PSuraj P
Can your system poll Salesforce at regular intervals and push data to Salesforce, if needed?