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jessy Jjessy J 

OData API call

Hi all,
      I'm trying to integrate odata with salesforce. I've provided by sample request urls. I don't have endpoint url/server url. I want to see whether odata api calls from salesforce working or not. So that i can give ademo on how & wt is the functionality of Odata.

So my question is, Is it going to be possible to try odata api call in salesforce with taking some sample server and request url?
If there is anyway. Could you please post it. 
jessy Jjessy J
Thanks Matthews,
I've tried the video shown in the below link. Can we do like this? But I need to have an endpoint url and username password which I don't have. I've to give a demo. Is there any way can i take some sample endpoint url, username & password.


Lawrence McAlpinLawrence McAlpin
You can find a few sample OData servers on odata.org.  For example, set your endpoint to http://services.odata.org/V3/Northwind/Northwind.svc/ and you should be able to see the OData connector in action.  No authentication is necessary for that endpoint.
Sumit Sarkar 2Sumit Sarkar 2
I have been using DataDirect Cloud - http://www.odata.org/blog/salesforce-external-object-integration-using-lightning-connect-with-odata/
It's nice since you can produce OData from Salesforce orgs between production and developer if you have no other data sources available to test.

Good luck.
One of the latest Salesforce OData (https://skyvia.com/connect/salesforce-odata) producers is Skyvia Connect. Skyvia Connect easily exposes real-time Salesforce and makes it available in different BI tools, web apps, integration interfaces, including Salesforce Connect, and other tools which support OData. Among the main features: access to live data, additional security level (defining user names with passwords or IPs/IP ranges), the ability to share data partially, detailed logging.